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April, 2016

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Lookback is an app that allows users to have a quick look back at their pictures and world news for any given day.

Users select a date from the first screen and photos from their camera and headlines from the New York Times are returned.  Users can swipe left or right to change the date and select a photo to enlarge it.

Project Goals:


Work with date and time ranges

Combine personal content with an external data source via an API

How it Works:


Date picker creates a string which is sent to the Results ViewController where the string’s converted to an NSDate.

NSDate is used to create a time range for which to return photos on the user’s phone.  The NSDate is also used to create a URL which is passed to the New York Times API.

A collection view holds the photos that were taken on the date selected.  They can be

An array is created from the New York Times lead paragraphs and web links which are held in a table.

Gestures change the NSDate which changes the content, which is then reloaded.  The Safari Services kit shows the web page.

Future Updates


Facebook Integration to return user status updates for the day

Take & share screenshots of a given day